1. destruction

    …gif of the day.


  3. I buy my nickels from a dime who goes by the name of Penny



  6. bye to everyone leaving…

    everyone else: Hello 

  7. "you gone learn today"

  9. Photo and caption by Lorenzo Mittiga / National Geographic Photo Contest. “The Iguana’s cave”.

    Unexpected underwater encounter with a Green Iguana. I was attempting to take some overunder sunset shots in a semi-submerged cave in Bonaire, when a Green Iguana swam toward my dome with an inquisitive doing. Just in front of my lens, she came up to the surface to take a quick breathe…

    Photo location: Island of Bonaire, Kralendijk, Dutch Caribbean.


  12. Anonymous said: There's not much to say but communication feels nice anyhow

    It does.


  13. An Egyptian woman kisses a policeman, who had refused to fire on protesters, during the revolution against the Mubarak Government [2011]

  14. An indigenous woman holds her child while trying to resist the advance of Amazonas state policemen in Manaus who have been sent to evict natives. [2008]


  15. I spell merit with my name stitched on my heritage

    And serenade arrogant simpletons to feed my cherished grin